All of the races found in the PH1, PHB2 and FRPG can be accounted for in the Savage Frontier of the Forgotten Realms.

Below are some regional descriptors for several races found within the confines of the High Forest as well as surrounding areas.


There is one large, clan like tribe of High Forest centaurs that makes its home on the plateaus, cliffs, and isolated glades among the Sisters waterfalls at the headwaters of the Unicorn Run.


There have been rumors for centuries that the forest conceals entrances to the Underdark – specifically to Menzoberranzan, one of the most powerful Deepearth cities.


Of the sylvan elves of the High Forest, little is known.


Eaerlann’s centuries-old fall still has repercussions among these woodlands. Half-elves, primarily of moon-elf descent though numerous drow are also found, are all that remain of the once-proud elves of Eaerlann within the High Forest.


Of all the races populating the High Forest, humans are the rarest. A bold few wander the forest as rangers or servants of some power, and there are a small number of enclaves and villages scattered near the Star Mounts. Rumors also say that a barbarian tribe is once again gathering by the Grandfather Tree.
See also the Uthgardt Barbarians.


At least two orc tribes are known to dwell in the cool darkness of the southwestern forest.

Earth Giants

Creatures of stone and rock, earth giants are mean, uncouth, territorial monsters that often enslave smaller, weaker creatures.

Earth giants live in mountainside caves, as well as valleys, rocky barrens, canyons, and foothills.

The giants are attacking Argent, employing elemental magic and creatures summoned from the Elemental Chaos. Why they assail Argent is unknown, but their level of organization is distressing. Earth giants are the most brutish of giantkind. They inhabit badlands, deserts, and canyons, though lesser earth giants (such as hill giants) often gather in high mountain valleys and along mountain passes.

Many of the dwarves who were enslaved by the earth giants were transformed into galeb duhrs. Some of them continue to serve earth giants, while others escaped and view giants (and earth giants in particular) as bitter enemies.

Earth and Stone Giants are known to inhabit the Greypeak and Star Mountain ranges.


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