What you need and want to know

This page will discuss the guilds and other organizations the PCs rub shoulders with.

Druids of the Tall Trees

Leader: Uthgang Jyarl – Great Druid of the North.
Base of Operation: Tall Trees in the High Forest.
Goal: Protect the ancient elven wood of Tall Trees from harm.
Allies: The Harpers and the treants of Turlang Wood.
Chief Foes: Expansion
The Druids of Tall Trees are quite secretive and allow few other than druids (and vouched-for companions) into this part of the wood. The Great Druid is the leader here, but former Grand Druid Sinklayr Greenstrike resides here, as does the mysterious Gildenfire.

Treants of Turlang Wood
Leader: Turlang the Thoughtful.
Base of Operation: Woods of Turlang (High Forest).
Goal: Protect the High Forest from harm, cultivate and expand forests in the North.
Allies: The Druids of the Tall Trees.
Chief Foes: Orcs and trolls.
The Treants of Turlang Wood are secretive and allow few other than druids and rangers into their midst. They’re currently working to reforest the ruins of Hellgate Keep and bring in the outlying forest, reforging the High Forest into its past state. The Harpers are reportedly trying to get the attention of Turlang in an effort to offer their assistance should the need arise. Unfortunately, getting the old treant’s attention has proven quite a task, and the Harpers are currently discussing their offer with Quarreleaf, Turlang’s second-in-command, in Hellgate Dell.


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