House Rules

The most important two house rules are stated below.

    Rules of the Campaign
  • Rule #1. The DM is always right.
  • Rule #2. In case the DM is wrong see Rule no. 1

Minor Changes to the world order.

  • Paladin’s Lay on Hands – Encounter not Daily
  • Aid another – Four player’s help maximum.

    First player success normal +2 ; Failure no minus.

    Second player success +2 ; Failure -2.

    Third player success +2 ; Failure -4.

    Fourth player success +2 ; Failure -6. Your advice made things worse.

    A roll of 1 is auto-failure; there is some risk of confusing your ally even if you are well-trained.

  • Weapon expertise feat – freebie for “martial” classes. This includes primal as well.
  • Implement expertise feat – freebie for classes that require an implement.
  • While Dominated the only attacks a creature can make is assumed to be Melee/Ranged Basic Attack at-wills not At-will Powers. If a character has an At-will power that may be used in place of a Melee/Ranged Basic attack only then may that at-will be used.
  • Cover
  • Calling on your deity – Anytime during a game session a player may call upon his chosen deity. This is typically used for help after a bad roll in a critical situation. This is resolved by the DM and the PC each rolling a d20, if both rolls match the deity intervenes. However, if the rolls do not match by a score of 10 or more, bad things occur, up to and including permanent character death.
  • Max. number of raises – A character may only be raised a number of times equal to his starting Con. score.
Mechanics of the game.

House Rules

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