High Forest Folk

High Forest

Forest Creatures

Within its green depths, the High Forest plays home to nearly every sort of woodland creature known to Faerûn. Scattered tribes of centaurs, dryads, korred, treants, and sylvan elves make up the bulk of the woodlands population, but nearly anything indigenous to forested areas can potentially be found here. Also expected are a few isolated encampments of human druids and rangers, many of whom are allies (if not members) of the Harpers. All of these creatures have their own territories inside the forest and are mentioned below. If no specific location is noted for a creature, it can be found in any part of the forest.


This winged race once dwelt in great numbers among the central Star Mounts.


There is one large, clan like tribe of High Forest centaurs that makes its home on the plateaus, cliffs, and isolated glades among the Sisters waterfalls at the headwaters of the Unicorn Run.


There are currently three green dragons living within the leaves of the High Forest.


There have been rumors for centuries that the forest conceals entrances to the Underdark – specifically to Menzoberranzan, one of the most powerful Deepearth cities.


Of the sylvan elves of the High Forest, little is known.

Half-elven Renegades

Eaerlann’s centuries-old fall still has repercussions among these woodlands. Half-elven brigands, primarily of moon-elf descent though numerous drow are also found, are all that remain of the once-proud elves of Eaerlann within the High Forest.


Their home terrain is mostly the foothills north of the High Forest.


Of all the races populating the High Forest, humans are the rarest. A bold few wander the forest as rangers or servants of some power, and there are a small number of enclaves and villages scattered near the Star Mounts. Rumors also say that there is a Barbarian tribe gathering by the Grandfather Tree once again. See the Uthgardt Barbarians.


Korred and satyrs alike are found in great numbers among the forest glades south of the Lost Peaks.

Mongrel Men

These mixed breeds had become a force to be reckoned with in the central forest a decade ago when called into service by a charismatic man known as ‘The One.’ At its height, Mongrel Men numbered nearly 75 heads, but none are encountered in the High Forest today.


At least two orc tribes dwell in the cool darkness of the southwestern forest.


Their home terrain is mostly the foothills north of the High Forest.


The High Forest remains the home to the largest collection of treants known in the Realms.


Finally, the famed unicorns of the Unicorn Run are not mythical at all. No human traveler or group has ever seen more than a pair of unicorns at any time.

See the large scale campaign map for the geographical features referenced.

High Forest Folk

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