Sometimes called the Granary of the North, this walled abbey was founded over a decade ago by the priest of Chantea, Tolgar Anuvien of Waterdeep, a retired senior member of the Company of Crazed Venturers. Once only a small farm lost in the rolling sweep of the grassy Dessarin meadows, Goldenfields has grown into the largest abbey of Chauntea. It is currently a fortified farm complex sprawling across 20 square miles. Within its walls, over 5,000 devout worshippers of Chauntea tend crops of grain and vegetables.

Most folk of Faerun are staggered by the sheer size of the village. It seems like a large slice of the “paradise of plenty” promised by many gods.

Of course, an agricultural wonder like this is walled and jealously guarded. The people of Goldenfields have already driven off more than 20 large-scale barbarian raids. Mounted patrols of 20 or more adventurer-priests scour the lands around Goldenfields. They patrol as far north as the Stone Bridge, and as far east as the High Forest. These patrols seek trolls, goblinkin, and other evils to fight. They also try to capture game for domestication. They challenge all folk they meet but don’t fight unless they are attacked or encounter obviously evil creatures, such as drow or orcs.

Goldenfields is rapidly becoming the agricultural backbone of the North. It supplies food to Waterdeep and most of the inland settlements. With its increasing importance, the influence and stature of Tolgar Anuvien has also grown. He is quickly becoming the equal of such rulers as Lord Nasher of Neverwinter and High Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon. Tolgar plans to expand Goldenfields northward to gain control of the strategic Ironford river crossing at Bargewright Inn. From there, Goldenfields could safely expand to the east bank of the Dessarin. Tolgar is now puzzling over just how to absorb, ally with, or take over Bargewright Inn, but he has not yet made any open offers to Feston Bargewright. Before he can undertake any further expansion, Tolgar needs adventurers willing to defend Goldenfields. Evil creatures, such as orcs, brigands, trolls, and a few goblins, bugbears, and foraging monsters, still roam the area. Tolgar’s defenders must be faithful worshippers of Chauntea or Amaunator, with a loyalty to Goldenfields. They would most likely spend their lives patrolling the region. Tolgar’s main problem is that most adventurers quickly find such service too boring.

Goldenfields enjoys good relations with Waterdeep and all the human-held cities of the North. It ís officially a member of the Lords Alliance, and Tolgar is in nearly constant communication with Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun and Piergeiron of Waterdeep.

Goldenfields happily takes in adventurers weary of danger or those on the run from justice. They may stay as long as they are willing to work in the fields and fight to defend the abbey. Chauntea ís said to be very proud of Goldenfields and allegedly watches over it personally. Rumors say that she guides her workers through dream-visions and aids defenders with timely bolts of lightning or earth tremors.

Tolgar amassed great wealth, including many magical items, in his adventuring days. Some of it ís hidden in Piergeiron’s Palace in Waterdeep, some is in a private house owned by Tolgar there, and still more is somewhere in or near Waterdeep’s Inn of the Dripping Dagger. Tolgar’s friend, Malchor Harpell, also safeguards some of Tolgar’s riches in the Tower of Twilight. Of course, the main bulk of Tolgar’s wealth is hidden in Goldenfields. His community used to be a significant drain on his treasury, but it now adds to his riches with each passing day. Thieves beware: Tolgar fully earned both his nicknames – The Patiently Vengeful and Beholderslayer.


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