Current Tasks

What you need and want to know

Current Tasks

    Listed in no particular order of importance (they’re all important!)

  • Go to the Frost Spire and prevent the giants from getting the piece of the Divine Engine that is there.
  • Seek out Kaseem and retrieve his piece of the Divine Engine.
  • Must recover the missing parts of the divine engine to stop the giants from re-making it.
    Minor quest — xp. varies depending on the number of successes.
  • Seek out the Flamefell Tower and prevent the giants from completing their plans.
  • Recover enough supernal silver to forge the Guardian Items.
    Minor quest — 1,000 xp. per unique item in the set the party acquires.
  • Stop the giants from overtaking the North and freeing a Primordial.
    Major quest — 8,000 xp. upon completion.
  • Get rid of the bounty on the party by slaying Sharsan.

Completed Tasks

  • Barrow of the Ogre King
  • Get rid of the Lady of Shadows in the town of Loudwater
  • Stop the spread of winter from the Tower of the Icy Spire (see Draigdurroch Tower map)
  • Scepter Tower of Spellgard
  • Free village of Faefehel from evil curse, thereby saving the young boy’s parents, as well as the entire village.
  • Clear the Tower of the Black Spear of undead.
  • Kill Kaebel the dwarven artificer behind the Star of Darkness.
  • Restore the Window of Peace by eliminating the Star of Darkness.
  • Clear out the Grandfather Tree in the High Forest.
  • Find out info. on the divine engine from the library and/or temple.
  • Find out info. on locating the sky metal/supernal silver.
  • Stop the current attacks on Argent.
  • Retrieve the Chalice of Autumn’s Regret from Taroxn and return it to the Lords of the Court of Fallen Leaves.
  • The party needs to rally the surrounding area’s forces, to convince them to join together to defend themselves more effectively against the invading army of giants.
  • Restore the “creation forge” in Argent.
  • Find the Temple of Inchoate Mysteries and the Astral Giants, learn about the ritual to restore the Divine Engine to working order, and convince the Astral Giants to provide aid.
  • Slay the Lady of Shadows.

Tasks that can no longer be Completed or were Declined

    • Clear Draigdurroch Tower (see map) of the Wicked Fang Gnolls that have taken over.
    • Stop the yuan-ti from performing the “Ceremony of the Risen King”. Seems to have been partially completed by former party members (the cleric-MacDirk and the paladin-Gottedammerung)
    • Help the eladrin in the nearby Feywild restore the Garden of Graves.

Current Tasks

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