The North

Likeness: The Klondike/Viking Scandinavia/Ankh-Morpork

The North is all about ambition – fame and fortune follow the daring.
  • A vast region covered with snowy forest and the occasional cold swamp, as well as hundreds of independent communities large and small. Far to the north lie the Sea of Moving Ice and the Spine of the World.
  • The North is rapidly being populated by humans, but before them the land belonged to the gnomes, the elves of the High Forest, and the hordes of goblin-kind. The human population includes the Uthgardt Barbarians and the Northlanders on the Sword Coast.
  • Waterdeep, the City of Splendors, is the marvel of the Heartlands and their largest city.

National traits:

  • Been there, done that. Nothing new under the sun. (Waterdeep)
  • Keep a keen eye and your mind on your work; the orcs are always with us, and we’ll deal with them. (Savage Frontier)
  • The future is bright! (Silver Marches)

Class archetypes:

  • Barbarian – Uthgardt
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Fighter – Sellsword, Knight, Bandit
  • Ranger – Scout, Trapper, Woodcutter
  • Rogue – Pirate, Trader, Thief
  • Sorceror
  • Wizard

The North is a cold, snowy frontier mainly notable for the City of Splendors, Waterdeep – the biggest city in the Heartlands and a major port. The other four things the North is known for are the city of Silverymoon, a city of learning where all manner of races meet and live peaceably, the Uthgardt Barbarians who inhabit the region, the accursed Hellgate Keep, and the fact that every now and then hordes of orcs pour down from there into the more settled lands. The North is composed of several regions: Waterdeep and the Sword Coast, the savage frontier between the Coast and the Great Sand Sea, and Evereska.

The North is like the gold rush Klondike: all rugged mountains and virgin forests, inhabited by rough-and-tumble frontiersmen and other opportunists who never go out unarmed. They’re alert, serious and self-reliant, blunt-speaking pragmatists to the core; most owe no lord fealty and are fiercely proud of it. This independent nature both produces many heroes and appeals to those who wish to avoid persecution elsewhere, and the North has a relatively relaxed attitude towards magic and mages. The men grow bushy beards, the women carry thick braids, and both wear clothes with thick fur linings. Since it’s difficult, if not impossible, to tend a normal farm in the high North, most farms are only large enough to keep their homesteaders alive (farther south farming isn’t such a problem). Northerners supplement their meager harvests with hunting and imported wares, making both the ports and pack dog caravans of vital importance. However, the North is rich with furs, gems, ore and timber, and settlements are slowly creeping in.
Loads are not moved by mule or horse due to the frequent blizzards that choke the ground with snow, and sleds are used only by nobles or short trips on a decent road; most wares are carried by caravans of large, thick-coated Ar-hounds with huge paws and heavy packs, while unloaded dogs break the trail ahead of their snowshoe-shod handlers. The North is also home to another breed of dog: Helmies, widely agreed to be the finest watchdogs in the Realms.


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