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And the Prophecy said:

…(Beginning of text lost)….
And the (lost fragment) was called and (lost fragment) opened. And the Hand of Darkness reached across the heavens and gripped the world in its fist of death. And the Darkness of Doom did dull the sky and darken the day. And the mighty temples did rot and crumble. And the Horde of Evil did cavort in the streets and slay the innocent and destroy the strong. And the Reaper of Souls, Rider of Nightmares did laugh and did cut down the righteous and the impure alike. And lo, the Great Krystal of Askaf was placed upon the Key and pushed into the Lock of the Ancients. And the earth did quake and the thunder did deafen the soul and the Eye That Watches was awakened and the world did weep. And He lifted up His hands and He called out through All That Is, for he WAS the greatest wizard that lived. And He brought low the World of the Doom Bringers and washed all trace of What They Were in the Rain of Final Retribution. And the Towers did fall and the ambiguous fragment)scatter. And He was blinded by the power of the Eye and He was consumed by that which he did never control. And the Faithful did pass through the Gate of Who Will Become to their Salvation at the side of the Holy One on the Needle of Time. And the Cup and the Staff of the Humble Servant was Gifted unto the people so that their faith would be strong. And the Gloom did creep through the Empire and snuff out All That Was.

(above text taken from The Scroll of Dust, originally written in ancient times, is also known as the Testament of the Darkening.)

(Shamelessly stolen from somewhere, I’d give them credit if I still had the link.)

(The artwork found throughout this campaign’s site is not my own, and is copied from various sources. This site is for personal use, and not for profit. If given a “cease and desist” letter from the artists or copyright holders or wherever I happened to have pilfered these from, I will certainly remove the offending artwork. As it is, I think it helps capture the feeling of the campaign, as well as makes the pages much more pleasing to look at. Hopefully, they will have better things to do than try and sue me for the $15 I have in my bank account.)

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