Satchel Hasty Departure

Darkniciad’s Satchel of Hasty Departure
Simailar in appearance to a Handy Haversack this magic item does more than just store items to be retrieved later. Command words link possessions to the bag, the items shrinking and packing themselves in the magical satchel within moments. One could pack their whole shop and most of their home in instants with it.

Carrying capacity: 2,200 lbs.
Load capacity: 2,000 cubic ft.
Maximum interior dimensions of satchel: 20’x10’x10’
Exterior dimensions: 1’x2’x1’
Weightof satchel: maximum 10lbs. regardless of contents
Price: 15,000 gp.

The satchel may be fully packed or unpacked when the proper command word is given. It can also be partially packed and unpacked with a different command word. The user can as a minor action put their hand inside the pack and pull out what they wish by merely thinking about what content they desire.

Darkniciad created this versatile and useful magic item, freely distributing the details of the process amongst wizards at conclaves over the last few decades or so. Only the long and exhaustive process necessary to create them has kept the magical creation from being more commonplace in the world nowadays.

Satchel Hasty Departure

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