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Holy Crap! Welcome to this new and improved time-waster. This wiki is intended to serve as a reference guide to the ever-expanding story of Loudwater and the Savage Frontier in the Forgotten Realms. My intent is to have this site provide a record of the campaign, along with write-ups and summaries of all the locations you visit and people you meet. Hopefully, the information contained herein will help to inspire and jog your memory during the campaign sessions.

Character Base of Operation – Loudwater. See the notes regarding the destruction of the
house. Although not fully established yet, the party has extended the Base of Operations to Argent, for now.

Climate in the North – Climate

NB.While this campaign is very much Forgotten Realms inspired there are plenty of discrepancies and inconsistencies with actual published literature.

Forgotten Realms Wiki: External link for Forgotten Realms lore, mostly 3e info. but with lots of lore and history.

If in doubt about what material is correct see the House Rules.

A word of warning

Please be careful when you edit anything you find on this site. Adding things is fine, especially to your Character Sheet and the Adventure Log, but removing things is not, as I found out much to my chagrin. See the original wiki info page for how to put the wiki together, or the Hobix Textile template.

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