Sword of Lions

weapon (melee)


The Sword of Lions is a marvelously crafted short sword with a blade of bright, immaculate steel and a gold tsuba (guard) worked to resemble a pair of male lions circling the blade. The hilt is ivory inlaid with more gold, all wrapped in purple silk and capped with a golden lion’s head bearing amethyst eyes and ruby teeth. Game Statistics: +1 short sword; Cost 2,500 gp. The blade’s roar grants you a +2 bonus on any Intimidate check made during the same round you draw the sword. Omen: Whenever the blade is drawn, this lion’s head lets out a mighty roar that can be heard for approximately a quarter of a mile. You can attempt a Will save to compel the sword not to roar.

Legacy Rituals

The following three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of the Sword of Lions.

1. Prayer for the Valiant Soul (3rd level): Cost: 1,000 gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy

2. Prayer for the Free Soul (11th level) Cost:12,000 gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy

3. Rite of Contrition (16th level) Cost:42,000 gp. & travel to the Beastlands. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy

Sword of Lions

Level Special Ability
2 +1 short sword, +2 Intimidate w/ roar
3 Animal Messenger (at-will) [std. action] – (Ritual #1)
4 Fall or jump – ½ dmg & always land on your feet
5 +2 Weapon bonus +2 Acrobatics check
6 Gain thundering +1d8 thunder damage & push 1 sq. (1/enc) [free action]
7 +5 Diplomacy to all cat/cat-like creatures
8 Summon lion (1/day) [std. action]
10 +3 Weapon bonus
11 Gain vicious property. Crit.+1d12 / plus; +10 Diplomacy to all cat/cat-like creatures (Ritual #2)
12 Summon dire lion (1/day) Only 1 summon (Dire or normal lion) /day. [std. action]
13 Thundering +2d8 dmg & slide 1 sq. (1/enc) [free action] This replaces the Thundering +1d8
14 +5 Acrobatics check
15 +4 Weapon bonus
16 Greater Roar 5d6 thunder dmg—burst 1, Slide 1 & knock prone (1/day) [free action] (Ritual #3)
20 +5 Weapon bonus
21 Thundering +3d8 dmg & slide up to 2 sq. (1/enc) [free action] This replaces the Thundering +2d8
25 +6 Weapon bonus



The Sword of Lions was the short sword of the celebrated samurai Yorimasa, who earned it as reward for slaying a demon dwelling within his emperor’s palace. The origins of the weapon remain a mystery, but rumors suggest a court mage or a nature spirit forged it. Tales of the sword tell of the great strength and ferocity it bestows upon its wielder, and some stories hint the blade gave its owners dominion over beasts and birds, or even the ability to transform into a lion to do battle.
—In the twilight of his life, Yorimasa witnessed a terrible event. The emperor to whom the aging samurai had been a loyal servant died, and a new sovereign took the throne. The new emperor was a spiteful, heartless man, a tyrant who sought to crush all beneath his heel. Yorimasa, who had been a great hero since his youth, ook up the famed The Sword of Lions and gathered his retainers to fight the wicked emperor’s forces. The outnumbered rebels inevitably met their ends at the bridge of Uji, where Yorimasa and his companions made a valiant stand. Yorimasa, maimed and unable to face death in combat, fell on his own sword before he could be captured. One of the venerable samurai’s loyal retainers decapitated him. That noble person, whose name is now lost to time, then threw the head and sword into the river, so the emperor’s lackeys could not claim the celebrated weapon, nor parade Yorimasa’s head through the streets. (History DC 20)

— Many centuries ago, when the illustrious samurai Yorimasa was at the height of his power, a demon came to dwell in the palace of the emperor. This malign spirit made life miserable for the household servants and courtiers. Finally, the emperor could stand it no longer. He sent for the bravest warriors in the empire to come to his palace and slay the fiend. Of all those summoned, only Yorimasa answered the emperor’s call. Armed with nothing but his short sword, he entered the wing of the palace where the demon laired and killed it with one swift stroke. As a reward for this great deed, Yorimasa was granted a parcel of land to rule in the emperor’s name, one of the emperor’s loveliest courtesans, and the mighty Sword of the Lions. (History DC 25)

—Unknown to most mortals, including Yorimasa, The Sword of Lions was forged in the Beastlands in the realm of Karasuthra, the domain of the night-hunters. Its maker is a leonal named Loric, who fashioned the sword as a gift to the mysterious entity known as the Lion General. After the sword was complete, but before Loric could bestow his offering upon the Lion General, a mischievous celestial magpie stole the sword and flew away, singing merrily about how she tricked the great warrior Loric and stole his sword. Loric hounded the magpie for days without surcease, but the massive leonal could not follow the thieving bird through the tiny portals and hidden paths she took. Eventually, the magpie grew bored with the sword and dropped it on the Material Plane. (History DC 30)

Sword of Lions

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