Rise of the Fallen God

Recap of Major Story Points

Current highlights of what the PC's have learned thus far.

This will be updated as time goes by.
The following is in reverse chronological order.

  • Lady of Shadows instigated the goblin attacks on Loudwater.

  • Lady of Shadows was sent to set up a base of operations in Loudwater.

  • Lady of Shadows was behind Thoran’s takeover of Spellgard in an attempt to gain control of Lady Saharel’s prophecies.

  • Lady of Shadows was using the Zelbross Bandits in their slavery operation.

  • Lady of Shadows eliminated the Zelbross Bandits, after the party learned of their activities.

  • Draigdurroch Tower was being used by a dwarf warlock to tap into the power of the failed god, Karsus.

  • Icy Spire Tower (Draigdurroch Tower), along with the dwarf, was shut down by the fey using the Heart of Winter.

  • Lady of Shadows uses a green dragon as a mount.

  • Shadar Kai have eliminated the Zhentarim, since they were interfering in their quest for power.

  • Shadar Kai are working with the Yuan-Ti (for now). They, the Yuan-Ti, appear to be ramping up to some sort of greater ritual, the “Ceremony of the Risen King”(?). If so, they will be incorporated, before being eliminated.

  • Shadar Kai have supplied and trained the gnolls in the area to be used as shock troops.

  • The gnolls are double dealing the Shadar Kai, despite the fact that they have trained them in the use of their, Shadar Kai, weapons.

  • The gnolls are planning a double cross through a ritual to invoke their god’s power and have some sort of ascension ceremony going on at the tower to bestow the Destroyer’s blessing upon their leader – Fangren.

  • Lady of Shadows has assembled the 50 Nether Scrolls, but the Spellplague seems to have rendered them powerless.

  • Shadar Kai are working with the dwarven artificer to use the Star of Darkness for their interim plans.

  • Shadar Kai have plans to use Ascalhorn &/or the Firestorm Gate as a substitute power source for the Netherese Scrolls.

  • Shadar Kai are allying themselves with giants (Snarr) to resurrect a Primordial to be subverted to their purposes, not the giants.

  • Killing the Lady of Shadows will remove the bounty on the party.

  • The party has met an old hermit, who has given them a quest to clear the Grandfather Tree of its current occupants, so that its portals cannot be used for nefarious purposes.

  • The party has agreed to become honorary Gaurdians of Argent, also known as Champions of the Silver Cloaks.

  • While researching the Divine Engine the party was hindered by a dark presence while the cleric was communing in the Dawn Temple. The cleric believes this to be one of the gods aiding the giants cause, for what reason he does not know.

  • The party has acquired a fist-sized, dark blue gem that will allow them to travel back 600 years to Bael Turath, the last place the sky metal was known to be. This will allow them to create the Guardian Items.

  • With Obanar’s counsel the party has determined that the best way to break the march of the forces besieging Argent is to follow their supply lines back to their main camp and take out their leaders.
  • Revelation 6:8 “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

    <iframe width=“420” src=“http://www.youtube.com/embed/2DFR1RIXQW8” height="315"></iframe>

  • The giants have been able to steal the Chalice of Autumn’s Regret from the Lords of the Court of Fallen Leaves. They have given the Chalice to Taroxn for safekeeping.
  • There is a mad lich in the Forgotten Forest and the Marsh of Chelimber.
  • The shadar-kai have infiltrated the Temple of Inchoate Mysteries, and are close to extracting the ritual necessary to restore the Divine Engine.
  • Once Ascalhorn has been re-activated and the Firestorm Gate has been opened the Spiral Gate only requires the linking ceremony to power up. Pironath’s help will make this a of little concern. That is why the shadar-kai want the giants to restore the Divine Engine, which will in turn restore Piranoth, so that they can get the Spiral Gate functioning.
  • The group was able to consolidate the surrounding areas of Secomber, Waterdeep, and Sundabar into an alliance against the giants.
  • The party was not able to retrieve a piece of the divine engine from Lord Alistor of Secomber. This is the second piece the party knows that the giants have recovered.
  • The group was able to retrieve the Chalice of Autumn’s Regret from Taroxn. They have returned the Chalice to the Lords of the Court of Fallen Leaves. This has rallied the Court into action against the giants. Note the barbarian was killed in this encounter. This is the 3rd raise for his character.
  • Group was able to help the Astral Giants shake their shadar-kai influence, and get them to assist in the war against the mundane Giants.
  • Party promised the githyanki Astral pirate “Arial” docking facilities in Argent as well as diplomatic immunity.

See also the rest of the adventures chronicled in the Welcome to the Adventure logs, as well as the list of Current Tasks.


These recap points are for the benefit of the party in general, if no one reads them there is no point in my leaving them that’s why from now on they will only be provided here, not in game.

Recap of Major Story Points


Recap of Major Story Points
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