Aegis Inviolable


Aegis Inviolable

This item of legacy is a heavy armor bordered in bronze. The armor’s dark steel is almost black, its center darker still. That center of the breastplate (where a personal ensign or standard might normally be placed) shifts and wavers depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Non-legacy Game Statistics: +1 armor; cost 700 gp. You are considered 1 level higher for the purpose of turning or rebuking undead, though you do not gain this ability if you do not already have it. Omens: when a wielder dons the armor, the holy symbol of his deity, the standard of his liege or kingdom, or the emblem of an organization to which he belongs immediately appears in the center of the breastplate. The armor resizes to fit any Small, Medium, or Large wielder.

Legacy Rituals

The following two rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of the Aegis Inviolable.

1. The Enemy of My Enemy (Ritual 1): You must ally yourself with an enemy to defeat a common threat. This new ally must be a political or religious rival, or someone you have personally come into conflict with in the past. The enemy you defeat must be of a level equal to or greater than 1 + either your own effective character level or your new ally’s, whichever is higher. Cost: 2,000 gp. Feat granted: Lesser Legacy.

2. An Ancient Evil (Ritual 2): You must confront and defeat a creature directly responsible (or belonging to an organization responsible) for a great evil that occurred at least one hundred years ago. This evil can take any form, from wide-ranging atrocities to a specific crime against your own church or kingdom. In either case, the individual must be aware of the reason for your grudge, and must be equal to or greater than 2 + your effective character level. Cost: 44,000 gp. Feat granted: Greater Legacy.

Aegis Inviolable

Level Special Ability
2 +1 Armor
3 Resistance 5 (+1 all defenses) (Ritual 1)
4 Act as +1 Holy Symbol
6 +2 Armor
7 Act as +2 Holy Symbol (+2 all defenses)
9 Shield of Faith (as cleric spell 1/day)[Std. action]
11 +3 Armor
12 Act as +3 Holy Symbol
13 Resistance 10 (+3 all defenses) (Ritual 2)
15 +4 Armor; Negate Energy drain 1/day (magical death effects)
16 Act as +4 Holy Symbol (+4 all defenses)
20 +5 Armor
21 Act as +5 Holy Symbol
23 Resistance 15 (+5 all defenses)
25 +6 Armor
26 Act as +6 Holy Symbol (+6 all defenses)