Lady Silmarien Moonfire



Lady Moonfire

This youthful half-elf favors a black gown sewn with silver thread. Glittering rings decorate her delicate fingers, and a silver amulet hangs regally from her neck.

Personality Traits: Lady Moonfire is given to laughter and light-hearted jest. She is likable, though some of the elderly residents in town regard her as flippant and flighty.

Favorite Locations: The Green Tankard tavern (area 5) and her home (area 91, 119) in Loudwater.

Motivation: She would like to visit the High Forest because she feels it would be a grand adventure. She is also interested in a tower called Draigdurroch, which lies on the edge of the Dire Woods. According to her research, Draigdurroch once held a small library of arcane tomes. If the PCs decide to visit the tower, she will pay for any tomes found there.

Lady Silmarien Moonfire

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